The list of free graph visualization applications

📚 Following the GraphTech series, where I discussed the graph database, graph analytics, and graph visualization ecosystems, I put together a list of free graph visualization applications: Some of the tools are totally free, some other have freely accessible community editions. These tools should require little to no development skills. The complexity of the tools varies, some are designed for research purpose, others are accessible to most publics.

👉 For a list of graph visualization libraries, check out my other medium post.

  • Arcade Analytics Community Edition: an open-source graph visualization platform that can connect to graph or relational databases. You deploy it using Docker.

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  • GraphCommon: a collaborative platform for making, analyzing and publishing data-networks. Users can create their knowledge graph using the visual editor, importing from spreadsheets, or via the API.

Please feel free to comment on this post with tools I forgot.

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